Woodwind Day at Ohio Wesleyan University!

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Woodwind Day at OWU! December 1st, 9 am to 3 pm, Sanborn Hall, OWU, 23 Elizabeth St., Delaware, OH – Master classes for each woodwind area, numerous woodwind chamber music reading sessions, and new this year – composition & improvisation workshops by our new composition professor Jen Jolley.  Finale recital will feature the OWU woodwind reed trio Tour d’Anches (Karen Pfeifer, oboe; Karen Atria, bassoon; Nancy Gamso, clarinet) joined by our new piano faculty member, Frank Chiou.  Dr. Jen Jolley will premiere a newly commissioned work for soprano sax and alto flute.  It will be worth the price of admission just to see me juggle those two strange and wonderful instruments!  Lunch will be provided as well as a swag bag from OWU, Rico and other woodwind suppliers.  The event is affordable to students and music teachers and you will need to register.  Enrollment will be limited so look for mailings and emails and check back here or at the music department website for registration details to be posted soon.  I look forward to seeing and hearing you then! Here’s our website:

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To clarify: is the new piece by Dr. Jolley for one musician playing both saxophone and flute? I’m fascinated by pieces like that. Is there piano accompaniment? Will the piece be available for purchase?

Hi Bret,

It is in progress and I’m sure Jen will share! Both instruments, one player.

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