Welcome to Nancy Gamso’s website! Here you will find recordings, videos, and information about music, playing clarinet and flute, and much more.

Nancy Gamso is a professor of music at Ohio Wesleyan University, a woodwind doubler and an active musician and music educator. You can read Nancy’s complete bio and check out her music, news, blog and upcoming performances.

Nancy’s flute and clarinet trio and quartet recordings all have minus 1/2/3/4 play-along versions for musicians who want to practice their ensemble music but can’t rehearse with their group as often as they would like. Also, Nancy’s first recording, With Blackwood and Silver, is still available and features some wonderful music not previously recorded.

The videos are short, topic-specific lessons on various aspects of playing clarinet and flute as well as general practice techniques.

All of the flute and clarinet trio and quartet recordings have ‘Composer Highlights’ and ‘Practice Suggestions’ for each of the selections. Some of the selections are featured in the videos. Thank you for visiting and come back often!



Nancy Gamso

All the practice recordings described on this web site are available for free download. See individual Recordings pages for links.